complete Pa-system JBL JRX 125

Complete professional Pa system borrow, of course including:

The only thing you need is a laptop, controller, mobile phone or CD player to play the music.

Pa plant borrowing

Specifications JBL JRX 125: Pa anlage leihen

  • 500 Watt RMS PRO PA Speakers
  • maximum power 2000 watts
  • total output of 1000 watts of RMS
  • Dimensions: 464 x 1092 x 426 mm


1 day = 90 euros

3 days = 180 euros


  • On request, you can also rent 2 wireless microphones for 3 days at a special price of 15 euros.

  • Here you will find the appropriate box tripods if you need them.

  • If you also rent a light package at the same time, you get a 10% discount on the system and the light package. Click here for the light packages

  • The technology can also be supplied and set up as desired, more on this HERE

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The JBL JRX 125

The JBL JRX fullrange series is specifically designed for live music, background sound and voice playback. With the soft, natural-sounding center output, the two JRX reusable boxes do an excellent job in the reproduction of vocals, solos and language. Thanks to its double-assembly with 15-inch, the JRX-125 also provides a stand-alone for a lot of low bass.

JBL is the leading manufacturer of professional loudspeaker and PA systems. For more than 50 years, the American company has been guaranteeing innovative concepts, excellent sound and the highest quality. Whether in the studio, at live concerts, in the cinema or in clubs and discotheques – JBL is the world's No. 1.

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