LED Light Effects & Laser

Hier finden Sie unsere Auswahl an LED Lichteffekten & Lasern

Laser rental

Laser rental

Put together your own party lights! With us you will find a wide range of technology


Here is a list of the LED lighting effects we rent

We recommend the Showtec Cyclone 4

A dynamic LED Flower effect with a high-power 4 color LED. The Cyclone 4 is equipped with IMC Intelligent Music Control, a special sound-to-light module that perfectly controls the light effect to the music.



Rental price Showtec Cyclone 4

3 days = 15 euros

1 week = 25 euros

Laser rental

As a highlight we offer the Stinger II from ADJ

This 3in1 light effect has a Moonflower LED effect, a black light strobo and a laser effect, dozens of razor-sharp rays fill dance floors, ceilings or walls. With the help of a 1.8 degree Long Life stepper motor technology, fast and accurate movement or smooth liquid movements can be generated. It has 3 operating modes: music control, master/ slave or DMX controllable

Attention: This device includes a laser from class 3R



Rental price ADJ Stinger II

3 days = 15 euros

1 week = 25 euros


Chrystal Ball

This inexpensive, small & lightweight LED effect has it all, it can shine in the colors: red, green, blue, purple, yellow and white, has DMX control, music control and automatic mode.



Rental price Chrystal Ball

3 days = 5 euros

1 week = 10 euros


H2o LED Water Effect

Creates an effect reminiscent of running water. You can use the remote control to choose a fixed color (either red, green, blue, purple, red/green, blue/green or all colors together) or between different programs, such as fade, music controlled or strobo. You can also adjust the speed of the effect.



Rental price H2o water effect

3 days = 7.5 euros

1 week = 15 euros


Eurolite LED Hybrid Flower Effect (with Strobo)

This is a 2-in-1 effect spotlight, 2 LED flower effects plus 1 strobe effect in one device. Behind the lenses on the left and right are bright red, green and blue LEDs, white SMD LEDs are located in the middle of the device. It is music controlled by a built-in microphone. The strobo effect can be accessed via a button at the back of the device. This device is also available without Strobo to rent from us.



Rental price Eurolite LED Hybrid Flower Effect with or without Strobo

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros


ADJ Aggressor HEX LED

The Aggressor is one of the most popular lighting effects in the history of ADJ. The HEX LED aggressor uses six colors integrated in just one LED (red, green, blue, cyan, amber and white). The HEX LED aggressor is easy to set up and operate, its 60 multi-coloured beams move to the beat of the music.



Rental price ADJ Aggressor

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros


ADJ Vertigo

The Vertigo is a very popular light effect, it creates a colored LED Mushroom light effect with music control and 32 integrated programs. Music control via built-in microphone



Rental price ADJ Vertigo

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros


Here is the list of lasers we rent

 ADJ Micro Galaxian

Let each party shine with the Micro Galaxian laser. The laser produces more than 200 red and green rays. The Micro Galaxian is easy to use – connect power and the built-in programs can be used directly in automatic or sound to light mode. The Micro Galaxian is compact, light and small, making it the ideal companion for entertainers, bands, night clubs and bars!



Rental price ADJ Micro Galaxian

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros


Stairville Red & Green Laser 100

This laser has a red and a green laser diode, which can be set via DMX



Rental price Stairville Red & Green Laser 100

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros


Stairville Green Laser 100

This laser has 2 green laser diodes, which can be set via DMX



Rental price Stairville RG Laser 100

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros


Eurolite MS-3 LED PolarLaser

Laser & LED light effect, a special grating achieves a room-filling effect that is very similar to the mystical aurora
Self-employed device with 6 adjustment ranges: laser rotation speed/direction, laser flash speed, LED rotation speed/direction & LED luminosity. Laser safety by key switches for switch-on protection at the rear of the device.


Attention: This device contains a class 3B laser



Rental price Eurolite MS-3 LED PolarLaser

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros



Separately you can rent one of these fog machines:

The Crenova FM-02 with 400Watt for 10 Euro

The Stairville SF-1000 MKII with 1200Watt for 20 Euro


LED Par headlights can be found HERE

Waterproof Outdoor RGB LED Floodlights can be found HERE

Matching foldable tripods can be found HERE



Make your lighting together according to your personal ideas, we will be happy to advise you personally on this. If you put together equipment yourself, you get a discount from a certain amount, here are the discounts:


At 60 euros you pay only 50 euros

= 10 Euro discount & one cable box incl.


At 125 euros you pay only 100 euros

= 25 Euro discount & two cable boxes incl.


At 200 euros you pay only 165 euros

= 35 Euro discount & three cable boxes incl.


The technology can also be supplied and set up as desired, more on this HERE

Isn't this offer right for you? Then take a look at the other products on offer, or write to us directly to explain your individual wishes and we will find a suitable solution!

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