Chrystal Ball & H2o Effect


Chrystal Ball

This inexpensive, small & lightweight LED effect has it all, it can shine in the colors: red, green, blue, purple, yellow and white, has DMX control, music control and automatic mode.

Rental price Chrystal Ball

1 day = 5 euros

3 days = 7 euros

1 week = 15 euros

H2o LED Water Effect

Creates an effect reminiscent of running water. You can use the remote control to choose a fixed color (either red, green, blue, purple, red/green, blue/green or all colors together) or between different programs, such as fade, music controlled or strobo. You can also adjust the speed of the effect.

Rental price H2o water effect

1 day = 7.5 euros

3 days = 10 euros

1 week = 20 euros