Lighting technology rental

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 Lighting technology rental

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Lighting technology rental

Lighting Technology Packages

Light package "Discokugel S"

Affordable and atmospheric light package

Rental price: 35 Euro

Lighting technology rental

Lighting technology rental

Light package "Basic S"

Perfect for smaller events

Rental price: 50 Euro

Lighting technology rental

Light package "Basic M"

This set includes lighting effects for the dance floor, enough lighting to illuminate the hall and as an extra fog machine

Rental price: 80 Euro

Lighting technology rental

Light package "Basic L"

This is the extra large base package, it includes many lighting effects for the dance floor, the possibility to get a disco ball, extra plenty of lighting around the hall and of course a fog machine

Rental price: 120 Euro

Lighting technology rental

Lighting technology individual prices

LED Par headlight with stand

These LED headlights are ideal for indirectly illuminating rooms or illuminating a stage

Rental price 5 euro

Lighting technology rental

Waterproof LED RGB Outdoor Spotlights (IP44)

The floodlights & spots are completely splash-proof (IP44), each have a 5m long connection cable, can be programmed via remote control and have a practical wooden stand. Perfect for your garden party!

Rental price from 5 euros

 LED Light Effects & Laser

Here you will find our selection of LED light effects & lasers

Rental price from 5 euros

Lighting technology rental

UV Light Flooder

Rental price: from 15 Euro

Black light rental

Lighting technology Rental fog machines lighting technology rental

Lighting technology rental, small fog machine rent/borrow



Crenova FM-02

  • 400 watts of power

Rental price: 10 Euro





Rental/rental of lighting technology, large fog machine Stairville SF 1000 MKII


Stairville SF-1000 MKII

  • 1200 watts of power
  • Timer function

Rental price: 20 Euro






Ground fog machine

  • Post will follow in a nutshell, if you are interested in this article, then write to us directly or call







Soap bubble machines

Rental price: from 25 Euro

Bubbletron GO (battery powered)



Light tripods

Rental price: from 5 euros

                   ADJ LTS-6 Stairville LB-3


Lighting technology rental, light tripod for rent/borrowing, ADJ LTS-6 folding tripodLighting technology rental, Stairville LB-3 Lighting Stand Set 3m Traverse Light stand for rent/borrow

DMX control unit Showtec Scanmaster 1

Rental price: from 10 Euro


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Price changes and errors reserved. All prices quoted are final prices. Prices are per day in Euros. Of course, there are discounts when renting over several days. Due to the different configurations, the individual figure may differ.

In lighting technology for events, on the one hand, the devices used are divided into conventional and intelligent light devices. In addition to the traditional PAR headlight, conventional effects include so-called blinds, but also lens headlights (e.g. Fresnel headlights or, in German technical jargon, also called step lens). The intelligent headlights on the one hand include the increasingly common head swingers or movingheads and on the other hand the decreasing importance scanners. Show lasers for the presentation of laser shows as a special form of lighting technology are also strictly speaking among the intelligent lighting devices. The use of LED lamps is becoming increasingly important, and they are used both as conventional light (e.g. LED PARs) or intelligent light (LED video wall, surface LEDs, LED tubes). However, it is difficult to assign a clear assignment here. With the advent of LED technology, a fusion of lighting and video technology in event technology is also increasingly taking place in some parts.

Lighting technology in event technology is also differentiated according to the intended use. Depending on whether the light is used artistically in the theatre, on so-called rock 'n' roll productions (which mainly include large concert and touring productions), at industrial events (general meetings, trade fairs and exhibitions), film and television recordings or in the disco, very different requirements profiles arise. Along with this, traditional terms (see stage technique in the theatre) are also common. In some cases, however, the boundaries of this classification are blurred, for example, more and more head-swingers are used in the theatre, which was rather unusual in the past.

With most lighting devices, either one or more colors generated from the entire spectrum of visible light can be generated. In addition, soft or produce hard light, wandering light, flashes or flashing. The effects and moods that can be produced are very diverse.