Tent rental

Tent rental

Tent rental

Tent rental & event equipment

With us you will find a wide selection of professional marquees for every occasion. Benefit from our experience & competence, with us at your side your event stands out and will remain as a beautiful memory for you and your guests for a long time to come.

We have the right tent with equipment ready, whether wedding, birthday, company party, confirmation, garden party or baptism.

Fast, reliable and on time, we make your event an unforgettable experience with attention to detail.

Tent rental, rent a tent

Tent rental

Tent rental

Tent rental

Product products created

Our tents can be used all year round and in all weathers

Protection from wind and weather – dry in rain, cool shade in the sun, pleasant in the cool evening hours

The robust PVC tarpaulin with 500 g/m2 offers ideal protection from the sun with a high light protection factor of 80+

Easily mountable rod made of fully galvanized, corrosion-free steel

All construction elements are fastened with each other via a well-inserted screw connection and reliably

Firmly anchored in the ground thanks to feet with 10cm diameter

Tent rental

Variable buildable:

Tent rentalAll tents are as a pavilion, semi-open, closed and usable in further construction options, the side parts can be attached individually at 2m distance, so that the tents can be perfectly adapted to your requirements

Tent rental

There is a FREE storm security for all tents!

Tent rental

OfferMarquees – Offer

Marquee 3x6m in white

Accommodates: approx. 36 people or 26 chairs or 3 beer tent sets

Rental price for 3 days only 85 Euro – more information HERE

Marquee 4x8m in white

Accommodates: approx. 60 people or 40 chairs or 5 beer tent sets

Rental price for 3 days only 99 Euro – more information HERE

Marquee 5x10m in white

Accommodates: approx. 100 people or 70 chairs or 8 beer tent sets

Rental price for 3 days only 129 Euro – more information HERE

Marquee 6x10m in white

Accommodates: approx. 120 people or 86 chairs or 10 beer tent sets

Rental price for 3 days only 149 Euro – more information HERE

Marquee 6x12m in white

Accommodates: approx. 140 people or 100 chairs or 12 beer tent sets

Rental price for 3 days only 169 Euro – more information HERE

Tent rental 

Tent rental

Tent rental

Delivery & construction of the tents

We will be happy to deliver your desired tent directly to the venue and dismantle it & again. So you can deal with the further organization of your festival and proceed directly with the setting up of the tent. Write to us directly for your personal offer

or rather build yourself?

But you can also pick it up and assemble it yourself, you will receive an introduction & a detailed guide from us

Tent rental


Only the right and suitable tent equipment makes your event really successful. We offer you partial or complete equipment as desired and will be happy to advise you.

More information HERE


Tent floor

Of course, we also offer high-quality wooden floors for all our tents.

Our tent floor is made of 23mm thick wooden planks sealed with PU varnish and therefore does not give way.

More information HERE

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Tent rentalTent rental

We offer you a wide range of seating options, whether it should be the classic & practical beer tent set, beautiful garden chairs with round tables or modern lounge furniture that you decide!


Dishes & bar accessories

Tent rental

Of course, we also have refrigerators, freezers, various bar accessories, glasses in many variations, sparkling wine coolers, tablets, garbage bins and as a highlight a unique luminous bar in our warehouse, so none of their guests remains thirsty.


Tent rental



We also offer heating for the slightly colder days & nights, we run both electrically powered and gas heaters.

More information HERE



Tent rental


We are an experienced competent team and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction, convince yourself

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Steep wall tents that are also suitable for a longer holiday. They have a metal linkage, the roof is often coated with PVC. The preferred materials for the side walls are cotton or mixed fabric. Inner tents hung in the rod serve as separate sleeping cabins. They allow flexible use of the tent interior and the number of sleeping places to be adapted to the need. Steep wall tents offer standing height throughout. Equipped with a canopy, they provide additional protection against rain and sun. The weight is about 13 to

The exterior tent is usually made of nylon or polyester fabrics, and in rarer cases heavier cotton fabrics. A coating made of PU, silicone or PVC make the tent skin waterproof. Silicone-coated tents are considered to be much more tear-resistant, UV-resistant and durable. The tent webs are sewn together or glued together and additionally sealed and sealed with adhesive strips and seam bands or silicone sealant. Both cotton and nylon are used as sewing threads. The swelling of the cotton in moisture additionally seals the seams.

The water resistance of the tent skin is indicated in millimeterwater column. From 1500 millimeters of water column, a tent is considered waterproof to DIN. The tent floor has a higher tightness (up to 10,000 mm) to be waterproof even under a selective load.

45 kilograms.