Professional stage fountains

Fountains Wedding Dance

Fountains Wedding Dance

 Fountains Wedding Dance

The fountains we offer are explicitly approved for indoor use and are ideal for setting the scene for your wedding dance. The fountains have a fixed electric lighter and are triggered by an ignition system by remote control at the push of a button.

Of course, we also provide the trained specialist staff to set up and ignite the fountains. If you wish, we will be happy to make you an offer.

The stage fountains are available with silver or gold sparks, you can also choose the burning time and the height of the fountains. They are particularly smoke-poor and low in odour.



Fountains Wedding Dance

Our range

Stage fountain Gold (25s burning time, effect height 3m, 5 pieces)

Stage fountain Gold to Silver (30s burning time, effect height 2.5m, 5 pieces)

Stage fountain Silver (30s burning time, effect height 2m, 5 pieces)

Stage fountain Silver (30s burning time, effect height 3m, 5 pieces)


Total price for 5 fountains: 99 Euro

(Inclul. the rental fee for the ignition system, the cables & the remote control)


Information on shipping

We will then send the order so that you will arrive 7 days before the event. The ignition system, the cables and the remote control must be sent back to us no later than 4 days after the event.


If you are interested in our services, please call us directly or write us an e-mail. We will then discuss all the details and send you an individual offer that is perfectly tailored to your wishes and ideas.

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We are an experienced, competent team and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction, convince yourself!

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Stage fountains are available especially for indoor use. These indoor fountains are often used for weddings, but also for product presentations, concerts or theatre performances. There are stage fountains for interiors in different firing lengths and effect heights. Please also pay attention to the effect height and the safety distance around the indoor fountain. All interior fountains spray with relatively cold sparks, yet they are fireworks. For those who have never lit an indoor fireworks or stage fountains, we encourage our tutorial on lighting an indoor fireworks display.