DMX controller scanmaster 1 fra Showtec


The Scanmaster 1 is a dedicated DMX controller for small venues with high performances.

The Scanmaster 1 gives the user fast access to his DMX controlled fixtures. The layout is designed so that any fixture up to 8 channels can be controlled easily. The Scanmaster 1 can control up to 192 DMX channels, 16 scenes and a different number of chases, which can run automatically or music-controlled by built-in microphone.


Additionally it is also possible to call up pre-programmed chases or scenes via MIDI to ensure bands to control there complete light-show by their music.


Incl. side panels
Incl. 2 power adaptersController for 12 Fixtures up to 16 channels
6 Programmable chase programmes
240 Scenes in 30 banks
Detachable frame
8 Bit controller



1 dag = 10 euro

3 dage = 15 euro

1 uge = 20 euro